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Cuddle Buddy with T-Shirt
These adorable 15" Cuddle Buddies are big enough to hug and will keep any missed loved one close to ..
Cuddle Buddy Shirts
Customize a T-shirt for your favorite Snuggle Buddy™. Shirts can be printed with a photo and text or..
Cuddle Buddy Outfits
Dress to impress! Put your Buddy in the same uniform that Mom or Dad wears, or just something that m..
AROMABearapy Scent Chips
Add an AROMABearapy Scent chip to your Cuddle Buddy or stick it in the pock of your Daddy Doll® for ..
Voice Recorder - 20 Second Message
What better way to add that personal touch than to record a special message that can be played back ..
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