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1 Sided Dolls
1 Sided Dolls
1 Sided Dolls
1 Sided Dolls
1 Sided Dolls
1 Sided Dolls
1 Sided Dolls

1 Sided Dolls

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Daddy Dolls®?  Hug-A-Who?  HUG-A-YOU!

Mommy Doll™, Daddy Doll®, Hug-A-Hero® doll,  No matter what kids end up calling them they are all Love YOU dolls® to us!  Just look for the Keepsake Pocket® and you'll KNOW it's a Love YOU doll® :)  Our custom printed dolls have been recommended by Child Psychologists for keeping kids connected to loved ones. Each doll is custom printed and hand sewn, by us, right here in the USA! (Cheboygan, MI to be exact. It's a Great Place to Visit :) And, Because We Use Only the Best Materials, your Love YOU doll® will be Soft, Durable and Machine Washable!

Simply upload an image for the front and choose a fabric for the back. Personalized Text is Always FREE!  

**Be sure to review the "Photo Tips" above to make sure the image(s) you are giving us will work.  Remember, Head-to-TOE is important!  Don't worry about the background, our skilled editors can remove just about anyting!  If we have any questions or concerns about the image you upload we will be in touch, so be sure to provide good contact info.  

Please Note:  All items are custom made just for you so please allow 1 to 3 weeks for our creative process once we have a usable photo, plus 3 to 4 days shipping.

Thank you!

Below is a GOOD example of what would make a GREAT doll.... Lighting Good? Check!  Feet in there? Check!  Arms Relaxed? Check!  High Resolution? Check! Don't Worry About an Unsightly Background, We'll Get Rid of It!    

Cell phone pictures may delay your order as generally the quality is not high enough. It's best to get old school on this one and dig out your digital camera. Whether you are using a cell phone or a digital camera, lighting is KEY! (Think bright overcast day.)

Last But Not Least (because it happens).... What you are wearing in the photo will be what is printed on the doll so please don't send us a pic in your PJ's if you want a doll in uniform :)


Why we do this!......

"I just wanted to thank you so much for coming up with this product. My husband and I purchased one when we found out we were expecting. Our daughter has had a close bond with him from the first time he talked to her in the womb. She was born Nov 7th.  Daddy is in Afghanistan, but this daddy doll has truly been one of the greatest blessing. He got to Skype and she heard his voice. So when we introduced her daddy doll she was instantly soothed by his voice.  The nurses at the hospitals always ask to take it if they take her to the nursery. They say all it takes is putting it next to her in the bassinet and playing his message and she instantly calms and just stares at him. She fell asleep staring at the daddy doll. Again thank you so much for this idea or having the courage to run with the idea. It has truly made all the difference for this baby girl already!!" - Ashley, MS

"We received our Daddy doll today and I must tell you, the reaction from my 4 year old daughter was priceless. Thank you so much for making such a great item for kids who really don’t understand a parent being gone!" - Crystal, Vilseck Army Base

"I'm not sure who came up with the Hug A Hero doll idea, but I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  I am a single mother with a 2 year old son that I had to leave for a deployment..  I stumbled across the website and thought it would be a nice surprise for my son since he's old enough to understand that I am gone.  From what I'm told, he carries his mommy doll to school and sleeps with it and if people ask about it, he says, "That's my mommy!!!  She went on an airplane".  It means a lot to me that he can have me at arm length even when I'm so far away.  Thank you!" - Angela, Nevada

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